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Local Mbassy, Ultimo

Once upon a time, I was in a doomed relationship. There were many signs throughout the tenure that hinted at our inevitable demise but one particular moment made it a bit more obvious than anything. We were walking along the street hand in hand. All of a sudden, she pulled away and sprinted off in […]

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Well Co, Glebe

There are a lot of random things I want in life. I want a premium bath robe like the ones they provide in hotels (every hotel in the world has just been flagged that I am a likely robe thief), I want a mini fridge for my bedroom (so that I never have to leave […]


Wedge Espresso, Glebe

I’m going to forget a lot of things when I’m old and grey. Whoops, I meant I’m going to continue forgetting things as I continue getting older and greyer. I’ll probably remember the big moments (my nephews being born, my graduations, the time I finally caught every Pokémon in existence) but a lot of the […]

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A Weekend of Eats in Melbourne

People who haven’t known me for long always seem to be curious about what I was like in school. Was I a teacher’s pet? Was I bullied? Is it true that I owned a pink lunchbox at one point? Did I come up with harebrained schemes that involved selling dirt to people in McDonalds bags […]

kim-Tang-Tang- Yeokhwe

Kim Restaurant, Potts Point

You know who I have nothing but respect for? Khloe Kardashian. You see, the thing about Kendall is that she just capitalised upon a situation where most people would just stick their heads in the sand. A family member has a tape exposed (heh) to the public about some shenanigans and suddenly she becomes one […]

cre asion

Café Cre Asion, CBD

At a certain point, my struggle stopped and my writing changed. I’m very much the Jay-Z of the food blogging community. I came into the game rapping about my struggles and what I had to do to get by. But eventually, I got with Beyonce, my career started taking off and I just couldn’t go […]


Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont

The Sydney Fish Markets are renowned across the country as one of the premiere spots to get ahold of some fresh seafood. Restraunteurs, chefs and tourists alike all flock to its location by the water in Pyrmont to get ahold of succulent prawns, the finest cuts of tuna and an assortment of crustaceans just waiting […]