cafe oratnek redfern

Cafe Oratnek, Redfern

One of my food blogging heroes, Chocolatesuze once dished out the greatest analogy of all time. I’m not going to tell you what we were talking about but this analogy is so good that context isn’t even required: “They’re like oatmeal. No matter what you do with it, it still tastes the same.” That’s the […]

upside cafe beef burger

The Upside Cafe, Ultimo

Once upon a time, I hated my job. I was stuck in a place where I thought careers went to die which was ironic because it was one of my first “real” jobs. In my mind, I had nowhere else to go. This is what university had prepared me for, it was all a part […]

kefi gyros

Kefi Souvlaki Bar, Kingsgrove

I was once the king of a great high school in Sydney’s South West. Ok, it wasn’t a great high school but it was definitely a high school. And no I wasn’t really the king, but it was in a suburb called Kingsgrove. You know what else is in Kingsgrove? A great souvlaki/gyro place by […]

brewristas cafe glebe

Brewristas, Glebe

Little known fact about me: I used to be a barista. I was absolutely terrible. This was before I liked coffee so I had absolutely no idea what “good” coffee was. I must’ve ruined coffee for so many people. In fairness, the beans we used smelt like me before I discovered deodorant so it was hard […]

belly-bao-baoger (2)

Belly Bao, CBD

A long time ago, in a galaxy that much resembles our own; a group of high school boys sat around a table at a Vietnamese restaurants. The boys meant well but were having an incredibly vulgar conversation about girls. Let’s present a highly edited version that won’t get me thrown out of the community: Boy […]

local-mbassy-spread (2)

Local Mbassy, Ultimo

Once upon a time, I was in a doomed relationship. There were many signs throughout the tenure that hinted at our inevitable demise but one particular moment made it a bit more obvious than anything. We were walking along the street hand in hand. All of a sudden, she pulled away and sprinted off in […]

well-co-spread (2)

Well Co, Glebe

There are a lot of random things I want in life. I want a premium bath robe like the ones they provide in hotels (every hotel in the world has just been flagged that I am a likely robe thief), I want a mini fridge for my bedroom (so that I never have to leave […]


Wedge Espresso, Glebe

I’m going to forget a lot of things when I’m old and grey. Whoops, I meant I’m going to continue forgetting things as I continue getting older and greyer. I’ll probably remember the big moments (my nephews being born, my graduations, the time I finally caught every Pokémon in existence) but a lot of the […]