scroll ice cream Melbourne

Scroll Ice Cream, Melbourne

I am fascniated by Tinder, I become an investigative reporter every time I’m having out with a homie who I know is on this one-stop site to meat people. How do you determine whether to swipe left or right? Do you just look at pictures? Do you think the future father of your child is sitting […]

royal stacks melbourne burgers

Royal Stacks, Melbourne CBD

To stop myself from becoming lazy, I take note of every barb and shot ever thrown my way. I remember random things my teachers said, random things members of my extended family have said and even random things from people on the streets. Yes, yes I am in therapy, why do you ask? I even […]

boon cafe thai town

Jarern Chai Boon Cafe, Haymarket

Grocery shopping when hungry is one of the most rookie adult mistakes one can make. Naturally, it’s one I make almost every single time. I go into Woolworths with the intention of just buying broccoli, tuna and some bread and emerge with three cans of Pringles, two tubs of Golden Gaytime ice cream, a 1kg […]

koi dessert bar chocolate

Koi Dessert Bar, Chippendale

I have an older sister who I learnt a tonne off, but if I’m being super honest, I always wanted a brother. My parents thought one guy was more than enough so they ignored my repeated requests as a youngster to give me a little brother that I could mentor. As a result of that, […]

tim ho wan burwood

Tim Ho Wan Burwood, Burwood Westfield

My family is from Macau which is an island just a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong and is famous for housing thousands of Chinese people keen for baccarat, blackjack, slots and weird dice games at any given time. It’s the Vegas of the east minus the hookers, drugs, In n Out and Shake […]

sake dragon egg

Sake, Double Bay

One of the biggest differences between being a kid and an adult is experience. Thanks Dr. iFat please tell me more. Sure, will do. Most adults will do what they need to do and that’s it. Sure, they might push themselves a little bit harder at the gym or explore one extra store to seek […]

reuben hills surry hills

Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

I’ve been so many places I’ve seen so many faces But nothing compares To these blue and yellow Reuben Hills in Surry Hills. A Sydney institution, you can always count on a super vibrant Surry Hills crowd gathered outside of Reuben Hills. With an eclectic breakfast menu influenced by Mexican, Asian and a host of […]

brainwave cafe ultimo

Brainwave Cafe, Ultimo

I love chips. I love them in bags, I like them in cans and I like them alongside my burger. I love them covered in sauce, chicken salt and gravy. I love Lay’s, Kettles and Pringles. However, I don’t like Grain Waves. Screw those shoddy imitation chips. I rather go to Brainwave Cafe in Ultimo. […]

rustic pearl surry hills

Rustic Pearl, Surry Hills

As time has passed, my taste in music has changed drastically. Growing up, I listened to whatever my sister was listening to. This consisted mostly of R&B and sad break up songs when boys would dump her (confession: she only really got dumped once and the guy told her he was leaving the country immediately. It […]

jacks newtown cheeseburger

Jacks Newtown, Newtown

Once upon a time, I was a fiend at Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Gamecube. Almost everyone who owned that game thought they were the best as there were very few competitive scenes and all players inflated their egos by demolishing their CPU opponents on the easiest difficulty. And then I got my wake up […]