Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont

The Sydney Fish Markets are renowned across the country as one of the premiere spots to get ahold of some fresh seafood. Restraunteurs, chefs and tourists alike all flock to its location by the water in Pyrmont to get ahold of succulent prawns, the finest cuts of tuna and an assortment of crustaceans just waiting […]


Belly Bao, CBD

A long time ago, in a galaxy that much resembles our own; a group of high school boys sat around a table at a Vietnamese restaurants. The boys meant well but were having an incredibly vulgar conversation about girls. Let’s present a highly edited version that won’t get me thrown out of the community: Boy […]

Everything the manhattan but with BACON and ONION JAM.

Five Points, North Sydney

I’m a very flawed person but I’ve already felt that one of my major strengths was that I was self aware. I very rarely take risks or try things that I don’t think I can pull off. With that being said, I can do a lot of things better than most people. Er….none of that […]

buttermelt-eggs-bennedict (4)

Buttermelt Cafe, Strathfield

I have a black v-neck sweater that’s perfect for all occasions.┬áIt’s my go-to garment for work, dates and even when I need to settle a score on the basketball court. I’ve kicked many an ass with my blue button up underneath my go-to sweater. Spoiler alert: Buttermelt Cafe is the dining equivalent of my black […]


The Best Soft Serve in Sydney

Have I mentioned to you that I very rarely learn my lesson (all of my high school teachers are nodding sadly)? After my last epic ordeal involving sampling multiple servings of gelato in a day, I needed a long break. Ok, I caved and had gelato the following week but that’s a whole week without […]


Eggslut, Los Angeles

People flock to Los Angeles for beaches, the chances to see stars, recreate action sequences from GTA V and to drive down a freeway with the top down whilst admiring the gorgeous palm trees that line the streets. Me? I went for sluts. More specifically, I went for Eggslut in Los Angeles. How was that […]

Double Doubles animal style with lettuce, tomato, onions and mustard

In N Out, Westchester

You always remember your first. My first kiss consisted of a truth or dare game with a girl that no one liked. My first car was a beat up, black BMW that I never actually ended up driving (I bought it before I actually got my license, I used the car as a glorified CD […]


Work in Progress, CBD

I’m far from perfect. I always forget to untie my shoes when I get home from work and glare at myself in the mirror the following morning. I’m pretty much impossible to contact after 8:30pm (homies know that the boy likes to sleep early). I’m the worst disciplinarian of all time (I also double as […]

oxford-tavern-black-betty (2)

The Oxford Tavern, Petersham

My old man has plenty of regrets in his life but one decision that haunts him is still the purchase of a BBQ that we only ever used once. My old man has a very small circle of friends that consists of my mother and me. My mother doesn’t like BBQ and I don’t trust […]

The MciFat and some fries

McDonalds Castle Hill

It’s been a long time coming. McDonalds and I go way back. It’s a huge reason as to why I’m iFat and not iStayInDecentShape This was supposed to be the place I went to for my one hundredth review. Olde faithful, yee old McDonald (without a farm) but things kept popping up. You’re not going […]