Mexico Food & Liquor, Surry Hills

Mexico Food & Liquor, Surry Hills

Isaac: Where are we going for lunch?

Friend: Mexico

Isaac: Oh snap

No, I didn’t have to sneak my way past border security today. My friends decided to ignore all my dining suggestions (I’m still new to this) and instead opt for an old favourite. I describe it like it’s a local joint that I frequent but it was actually my first time there.

Did I enjoy it?



Located in Surry Hills; Mexico Food and Liquor is only five minutes away from Central station on the corner of Randle Street. I don’t normally comment on the decor of a restaurant but I really liked the set up and the attempt at Mexican authenticity. I’ve never been to Mexico but this and that episode of the OC in which the gang heads to TJ has given me a glimpse as to what it’s like across the American border.

Just like that time I woke up in Tijuana

I went with a group of six and was keen to try a variety of Mexican dishes. I haven’t tried a lot of Mexican cuisine before but every time I have I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone ordered something different and we agreed that we would share most of it. That eventually turned into a trading frenzy when pieces of chicken become hot commodities like they were trade assets in an NBA fantasy league.

First to arrive were our beverages:

Mexican cola, grapefuit soda and a virgin margarita
Mexican cola, grapefuit soda and a virgin margarita

Confession: I don’t drink. You’ll never get an iFat alcohol review so my virgin margarita is the closest you’ll ever get to that. I loved the sour flavour that the lime juice added to the drink.

I tend to have early dinners so today’s lunch was my first meal since 5PM last night. I was so hungry I opted for two dishes.

Mexico fried chicken
Mexico fried chicken

Most readers have figured out that I love chicken. My parents think it’s because they used to work at a chicken factory and somehow that played a factor in forming my affinity for chicken.

The menu labels this as moderately spicy but I barely noticed that. It might have been because I drenched the pieces I had in the dipping sauce (one was a yoghurt based sauce and I have no idea what the other one was) and ate them really, really fast. They were nicely cooked and the sauces were fantastic but I would’ve loved to have had a bit of crunch to the chicken.

Here’s my second course:

Taco with braised pork belly, pomegranate, spiced cabbage and sesame
Taco with braised pork belly, pomegranate, spiced cabbage and sesame

Did I dismantle it so that my iFat audience would be able to see the insides?

Nope, that’s how it was presented to me. I give them an A+ for thinking that I might want to add some condiments in to it; I didn’t but still.

Oh before I forget there were quite a few condiments on display:

Hot sauce. Hot sauce everywhere.
Hot sauce. Hot sauce everywhere.

Anyway, back to my taco. There were a lot of strong flavours thrown into my soft shelled tacos and I’m not sure if the synergy was very good. The pomegranate left quite a bitter after taste which was a shame because the pork belly within was extremely tasty and tender. The sesame was a nice touch but once again the pomegranate was just too overwhelming for me to fully appreciate my taco.

Here are the rest of the dishes we ordered:

Quesadillas with chipotle chicken, portobello mushrooms, oregano and salsa borracha
Quesadillas with chipotle chicken, portobello mushrooms, oregano and salsa borracha
Marinated beef skirt & potato skewers with chimichurri dressing
Marinated beef skirt & potato skewers with chimichurri dressing

Speed round.

I really liked the quesadillas. The crisp exterior juxtaposed against the warm filling was top notch. I utilised the dipping sauce that came with my chicken and the chemistry between those two forces was reminiscent of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. You could tell they would go well together just by looking.

The marinated beef skirt looks great huh? I didn’t get to try it but my buddy said it tasted fantastic. He squeezed that lemon ’til there were no juices left.

Here’s the TL; DR for people who just wanted to scroll through today’s photo heavy post:

– Great ambience and atmosphere for some drinks and Mexican tapas.

– I am not an alcoholic

– I love chicken of all shapes and sizes

– Pomegranate should stick to being a great frozen yogurt flavour


MEXICO Food and Liquor, Surry Hills

17 Randle Street

Open 7 Days

Noon ’til late

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2 thoughts on “Mexico Food & Liquor, Surry Hills

  1. The 3 cheese quesadillas were tasty for a vegetarian dish.. But that’s if you like to eat everything with condiments (in which I do). I could not distinguish the 3 different cheeses and the other vegetables that were supposedly in it were very poor. The polenta patatas were a great choice as a starter, but I wish I could eat more. I guess polenta expands in the stomach so it’s filling? The cripsy outside were covered with the right herbs and inside were fluffy and warm. Wish you had a bite! Definitely taking you to El Loco next time.

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