What’s up party people?

I don’t know about other food bloggers but I unfortunately don’t have the chance to dine out very often. This is mostly because I turn into a zombie as soon as I leave work and I am more hungry for sleep than I am for a dining experience. However, my waking hours are usually consumed with thoughts about where I want to eat next.

Here’s my current list of Sydney restaurants I would like to visit and a sign of reviews to come.

Note: I add to this list way more than I subtract from it.

If there’s a restaurant you would like to recommend to me, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter, Facebook orĀ E-Mail

Eat Fuh (Marrickville)

Hub House Diner (Marrickville)

Yellow (Potts Point)

Jazz City BBQ (Darlinghurst)

Quay (CBD)

Bonarche Burgers (Leichardt)

Ryo’s (Crow’s Nest)

Piccolo Me (CBD)

Daisy’s Milkbar (Petersham)

Juicy Lucy (Surry Hills)

Bang Bang Cafe (Surry Hills)

Via Napoli (Surry Hills)



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