hana ju-rin sushi

Hana Ju-Rin, Crow’s Nest

This is going to be a long post so let me get to the drop the mic line as quickly as possible. There’s nowhere you rather be ju-rin dinner than at the sushi bar inside Hana Ju-Rin. Located in the very back of the restaurant behind a grill, bar and the ghosts of thousands of […]

sushi daiwa chefs

Sushi Daiwa, Tsukiji

Tsukiji fish markets are one of those things that appear on almost every tourists’ itinerary when they visit Japan for the first time usually wedged between geisha hunting, visiting robot restaurants and using a toilet that cleans and dries your booty after your business. Fresh sashimi, Japanese street food and snacks adorn every nook and […]

Sushi E, CBD

Officially, he may be my little cousin but we were more like brothers growing up. Due to his parents’ weird working hours, we would have him at our house during the entirety of the school holidays and the two of us would wreak havoc across the neighbourhood. We sold drugs, we sold women and we […]

Karaage chicken at Makoto, CBD

Makoto Sushi Bar, CBD

This was my one dish that was made to order and it arrived piping hot. The chicken encased in karrage batter was incredibly moist and tender. Admittedly; I wouldn’t have noticed if it had been burnt and dry because Japanese mayonnaise makes everything better. I wish they had offered more mayo. Maybe like a bottle I could’ve taken home with me.

Unai sushi at Sushi Hotaru, CBD

Sushi Hotaru, Town Hall

Eel sushi is my favourite. Whoever figured out that cream cheese and eel are best friends deserves whatever they want in life. My two eel topped morsels were quite large and topped with deep fried crisps. I ate these two so fast that the flavours barely registered. When they did, it felt like I was receiving a tongue massage from the finest foods the ocean and dairy Gods could offer.

Oh my. So good.