Google Sydney, Pyrmont

Well, this isn’t regular scheduled programming. I know, I can already visualise the angry emails I’m going to get: “You’re supposed to be a food blogger! This is the biggest disappointment since Tobey Maguire took a metaphorical dump on everyone’s chest and called it Spiderman 3.” Readers know that iFat is more of a blog […]

burger-project-cheese-and-bacon (2)

Burger Project, CBD

My favourite novel of all time is ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F.Scott Fitzgerald. On the surface, many people love the book because of Gatsby’s obvious wealth, his impeccable style and his partying lifestyle. However,┬áthose aren’t the reasons I love the book or the character Gatsby. I love the book because I believe it’s a tale […]


The Best Gelato in Sydney

I don’t post about places I don’t like on this blog. Even though I have a (very) small readership, I feel that I’d be wasting people’s time if I was to write about a place I didn’t actually enjoy. Also, there are so many factors to take into account when reviewing a place’s food and […]

Fruit tart from Breadfern, Redfern

Breadfern, Redfern

Us humans take a lot of things for granted sometimes. Running water, clean clothing, heat are just a few of the things that we don’t really pay attention to. When it comes to food, I find that humble sliced bread is the one thing that’s most often taken for granted. Picture this, you come home […]

Open smoked salmon sandwich at Autolyse SydneyOpen smoked salmon sandwich at Autolyse Sydney

Autolyse, Chippendale

I was without my phone for most of last Saturday. It’s a long story but it involves chronic texting, needless browsing of Instagram, checking to see if anyone read iFat (still nope) and leaving my phone charger at the office. Combine all those factors and I was left with a nice plastic paperweight that I […]

Jazushi Fried Chicken with yuzu citrus sauce on a bed of home-made tartar sauce

Jazushi, Surry Hills

You know that song ‘Music Sounds Better With You?” I always have someone in mind when that song comes on. Hell, I have someone in mind for every song that’s n my iPod. Every depressing love song about rejection and heartbreak reminds me of one half a dozen girls that took their turn at throwing […]

Eggs Blini at Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

My favourite part of my daily routine is the walk from Central station to the office. Every day I see the same faces during my route. The blonde woman who’s always late, the Asian couple in constant relationship flux (they walk on opposite sides of the path if they’ve fought the night before and walk […]