sokyo ramen

Sokyo Ramen Pop Up, Pyrmont

I’m always in a state of wanderlust. I dream of watching the cricket at Lords in London. I want to play high stakes poker in Macau. I can visualise downloading torrents at 2,000mb per second in a seedy internet cafe in Seoul. I taste the buttery croissants served to me from a nice French girl […]

Totto Ramen, New York

Totto Ramen, New York

I was quickly hustled to the bar so that the couples in the restaurant wouldn’t be reminded of the harsh life in the single’s jungle. I sat down and creepily watched the chefs at work. To say that they were merely efficient would be like saying that Meryl Streep is an ok actor. It was clockwork; and they still had enough time to mingle with the single people who would be ordering love heart t-shirts for themselves on Valentine’s Day.

Ramen at Ippudo, CBD

Ippudo Sydney, CBD

Do you remember your first kiss? I do. It was in a game of truth or dare and it was with a girl I didn’t really like. There were half a dozen pre-pubescents watching me as I closed my eyes at the last second. Is it possible to ever recreate that moment (not that I would want to) without the use of a time machine? Nope.

With food it’s possible. Maybe the cut of pork is slightly different and the broth is a little hotter than previously, but the feeling and the chemical reaction within your mind and body is identical.

Tonkotsu ramen at Gumshara, Haymarket

Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket

The broth had the consistency of KFC gravy minus the mash and you could taste the amount of work in the broth as the savoury protein danced in your mouth. It’s definitely different and I can see how some people would be put off by how thick it was but it didn’t take me very long to fall in love with the dense liquid.

Ramen at Momiji, Burwood

Momiji, Burwood

Everyone that knows me knows I have very specific opinions on all of those issues and that it irks me that they’re even discussed. However there is one debate that is worthy of every food blogger/critic to throw their hats in to the ring. There is one debate that splits people and I’ve personally witnessed arguments so heated that random eggs in the vicinity began getting boiled.

That debate is Pho vs. Ramen.