the mandoo strathfield

The Mandoo, Strathfield

Do you ever accept bad advice because you’re desperate for human interaction and the only people near you are super scummy and not very clever? Or maybe you’re just an eighteen year old at a club who has just angered his girlfriend who just needed a few tips to calm your significant other down? I […]

Kim Restaurant, Potts Point

You know who I have nothing but respect for? Khloe Kardashian. You see, the thing about Kendall is that she just capitalised upon a situation where most people would just stick their heads in the sand. A family member has a tape exposed (heh) to the public about some shenanigans and suddenly she becomes one […]

Fried chicken at Naruone, CBD

NaruOne Korean Restaurant, CBD

The key to Korean fried chicken is the double frying methodology they employ. This creates the crunchy skin and the tender meat encased within the light batter. I’m curious as to what the decibel level is when you crunch into one of these delectable chicken pieces. I’m pretty sure it’s not too far off from when Mariah Carey goes into her falsetto.