tokonoma circular quay

Tokonoma, Circular Quay

I loved a Japanese girl once. But enough about Sailor Moon. There was another Japanese girl that I sort of, kinda liked as well. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out but I thought I would use my blog’s real estate to say this. Toko,noma-tter what happens to our lives from here on out; I’ll always think […]

kichi kichi omurice

Kichi Kichi, Kyoto

Do we have any Jessica Jones fans in the house? No? God damn it, guys. Stop focussing on the chill part of Netflix and Chill and spend some time on the Netflix part. I’ll do my best to not spoil anything but one of the characters on the show talks about a foreign emotion called […]

sokyo breakfast

Sokyo Breakfast, Pyrmont

My parents and I have been through Hell and high waters together. But I’m not going to get into that, I’m going to talk about the hardest conversation I’ve ever had with them. I’m going to talk about the time I tried to explain the economic concept of ‘sunk cost.’ For those that don’t know, […]

sake dragon egg

Sake, Double Bay

One of the biggest differences between being a kid and an adult is experience. Thanks Dr. iFat please tell me more. Sure, will do. Most adults will do what they need to do and that’s it. Sure, they might push themselves a little bit harder at the gym or explore one extra store to seek […]

sokyo ramen

Sokyo Ramen Pop Up, Pyrmont

I’m always in a state of wanderlust. I dream of watching the cricket at Lords in London. I want to play high stakes poker in Macau. I can visualise downloading torrents at 2,000mb per second in a seedy internet cafe in Seoul. I taste the buttery croissants served to me from a nice French girl […]

Sushi E, CBD

Officially, he may be my little cousin but we were more like brothers growing up. Due to his parents’ weird working hours, we would have him at our house during the entirety of the school holidays and the two of us would wreak havoc across the neighbourhood. We sold drugs, we sold women and we […]

Yawaraka chashu wafu soup at Pasta Goma, CBD

Pasta Goma, CBD

During my younger years, I dyed my hair blonde. Not intentionally mind you, this was during the highlights heyday where everyone would dye their hair a darker shade of brown then add blonde highlights throughout it. I swear it made sense at the time. Unfortunately for me, my hairdresser was really enthusiastic about making my […]

Jazushi Fried Chicken with yuzu citrus sauce on a bed of home-made tartar sauce

Jazushi, Surry Hills

You know that song ‘Music Sounds Better With You?” I always have someone in mind when that song comes on. Hell, I have someone in mind for every song that’s n my iPod. Every depressing love song about rejection and heartbreak reminds me of one half a dozen girls that took their turn at throwing […]

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

Sokyo, Pyrmont

I’m a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. It might not be the greatest anime of all time but it is easily my favourite. I watched it religiously growing up. It taught me so many lessons that I still carry with me to this day; the power of hard work, how your will can push you […]

Totto Ramen, New York

Totto Ramen, New York

I was quickly hustled to the bar so that the couples in the restaurant wouldn’t be reminded of the harsh life in the single’s jungle. I sat down and creepily watched the chefs at work. To say that they were merely efficient would be like saying that Meryl Streep is an ok actor. It was clockwork; and they still had enough time to mingle with the single people who would be ordering love heart t-shirts for themselves on Valentine’s Day.

Bowtie pasta at Basta Pasta, New York

Basta Pasta, New York

I’m a food porn producer; some might even go as far as to call me a food porn star. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some food porn from other food porn stars on off days. Sometimes, when I haven’t been out to eat in a while; I’ll live vicariously through the foodgasms of some other folks in the food blogosphere.