lumi interiror

LuMi Bar & Dining, Pyrmont

What’s the weirdest punishment you’ve ever received from a teacher? I’ve been forced to sit in the corner, put my hands on my head whilst singing the national anthem and even had to come up with a written statement to stupid Mary for calling her a peasant (she stole my lunchbox, I was more than […]

bennelong restaurant sydney opera house

Bennelong Restaurant, Sydney Opera House

It’s Bennelong day without you my friend. And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. ….Or, I can just tell you about my fantastic dining experience at Bennelong restaurant straight away. This has Bennelong time coming so let’s get straight to it. The ‘Lebron James’ of Sydney’s dining scene, Bennelong restaurant […]

kensington street social flat bread

Kensington Street Social, Chippendale

Once upon a time, being near Kensington meant I was on my way to class. Admittedly, my attendance during my tertiary education was quite low. I was too busy not going to uni to actually go to uni, you’re not going to believe this but my low-attendance methods resulted in two degrees (man, I hope […]