Hong Kong Bing Sutt, Burwood

My trip to Hong Kong last year was enlightening in more ways than one. It was really cool being somewhere in which I wasn’t the minority, the ads were designed to cater to me and I was considered taller than the average person. I ate well, drank well and slept like a baby even if […]

bbq king cbd


Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of non-Chinese food. I lived on yum cha, noodles, stir fries and claypots with smells that made my Greek neighbours wrinkle their noses. I also had a lot of Chinese BBQ with sides of rice and bowls of “I wish you would seriously consider being a doctor” soup. […]

Chilli Beef at Good Wok, Newtown

Good Wok, Newtown

Ask any of my long time homies for their most memorable Isaac quotes and this is most likely their response: “I don’t know…” Ask me which one of my most memorable quotes is and I’ll probably hit you with this one: “I’m not good looking enough to discriminate.” I’m treading a very fine line right […]


Green Gourmet, Newtown

I came here with one of my vegetarian friends and she was incredibly excited. She was behaving the same way I would if I was granted backstage access to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She was just happy that she could select anything on the menu and not restricted to a section tinier than Jabba the Hutt’s list of dietary restrictions.

Zilver, Haymarket

Zilver, Haymarket

Growing up, I was a very picky eater.

I was also extremely fat. Reason being that the only things I had absolutely no hesitation over eating was anything deep fried. If you wanted me to try something, you’d deep fry it. My parents tried deep frying a math textbook but I never even looked at that dreadful concoction.